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How can you ensure that all submissions are anonymous?

we do not require you to provide any personally identifiable information when you submit a tip or contact us.  You may provide your personal or contact information at your discretion. ONLY then will we disclose your information to necessary parties if you approve.

Is law enforcement involved?

We may contact law enforcement if our assessment rises to the level of needing intervention from police. This may occur if someone’s life is in imminent danger,  if it could stop a crime from being committed,  or reporting a crime that has been committed. We ask that you contact 911 if it is an emergency. You can contact the Virginia State Police by using the contact button below:

False Reports

A false report only hurts individuals involved. It is also considered a crime if it is reported to law enforcement.  It shall be unlawful for any person (i) to knowingly give a false report as to the commission of any crime to any law-enforcement official with intent to mislead

What are the hours of operation

We are happy to take submissions online and over the phone 24/7 Please do  not hestiate to contact us at anytime, especially if it is a concern that is occuring in real time