The Process

Review Process

all tips will be reviewed upon inital receipt and will be assigned a case number. Then, a determination will be made regarding how and if to proceed. If further investigation is warranted, the anonymous complaint will be passed on for more in-depth assessment.

Law Enforcement

if the complaint finds that the concern or incident rises to the degree of illegal activity or the need for law enforcement to become involved, they will be contacted and we will work together to determine the best course of action. 


 a determination regarding the validity and severity of the complaint will be made after careful scrutiny, research and a full evaluation. Outside entities and resources may be utilized to make such a determination and to accurately determine the plan of action that may need to be taken.


dependent upon the nature of the tip, action will be taken as a result of the investigation. This may include law enforcement involvement, school adminstration taking steps within a school environment, community authorities being notified, or the parties included in the compaint being addressed directly.